This is my dark ambient project with other-wordly themes.

I was born in 1981. I live in Hungary. I studied information technology and desktop publishing. I learned to play on violin on piano on synthesizer for a while. I compose experimental music since 2004, and I am constantly getting to know this genre since then, because from year to year this music makes so many new impressions on me.The aim of my musical project is to compose experimental and related musics. I like movies as well, l think some music what l composed it can be a movie soundtrack. I used to play chess. I think music and chess are different forms of self expression, and both of these activities can show the composers personality.
I’am philosophical article writer as well. Eg.: science, relegion etc.
Formerly I listened lot of different music styles that does not belong to my current music, but finally I remained at the experimental one, because I think this is the only one that is unlimited and totally free. In my music I use software synthesizer and other unspecified composing method, which has more to do with philosophy and the specific solutions than as traditional music composing.


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